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Internet mailing lists allow people with similar interests to communicate easily with each other via e-mail. People subscribe to a mailing list, then can send a single message to the list that is automatically distributed to all other list subscribers. These mailing lists are often referred to as Listservs, although Listserv is actually just one type of mailing list. Other popular mailing lists include Listproc and Majordomo.

Mailing lists are used by journalists to find expert sources and locate "regular people" who can help illustrate a particular story. They also are used to monitor discussions on beat-related topics. And there are dozens of journalism related lists that are used to help keep up on different facets of the profession.

Find Mailing Lists:

L-Soft International. L-Soft, which operates the Listserv system, has a database of all 75,000 public Listserv mailing lists.

To find other mailing lists (such as Listproc or Majordomo), try:, which lists more than 175,000 Internet lists, and



Journalism Mailing Lists

The following is a list of some of the journalism-related mailing lists. To subscribe to the list, e-mail to the address located below, leave the subject and cc lines blank and in the text of the message write only what appears below.

General Journalism Topics:

Computer-Assisted Reporting:


Specialties Around the Newsroom:

 Online Publishing:

FOIA and Press Law:

Journalism Issues:

Broadcast Journalism:

Student Journalism:

Journalism Education:

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